Digital Photo Cataloging of Contents

  • Insurance Documentation

  • van lgDigital photo cataloging and recording of pertinent ID and serial number designations on all requested personal and business effects.

    Provides  insurance documentation of client's items contained in and outside a residence or business entity.
  • Off-site location
  • Photo cataloging of items "off residence" including storage facilities, and other personal properties i.e, motor vehicles, boats, campers, other recreational vehicles.
  • Personal business entity
  • Onsite digital photo cataloging and recording of business related items contained within a client's business operation.
  • Residence

  • On-site digital photo cataloging and recording of pertinent ID and serial number designations of all contents by room that you request, or catalogue an entire home including garage and other onsite storage locations.

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ProLoggit does not assign a dollar value for any items in its catalogs. Any such requests will require a third party to perform same needs at client's request. Such documentation may be placed into the catalog deliverable, along with the registration of the third party license and required certification for providing asset values so they can be recorded.

ProLoggit is an affiliate of Building Innovations, Inc., CA Contractor's License #00682072, and can assist in general review of client property/home and provide general maintenance services in preparing a client home for sale "readiness"